Atlantis – A Night Circus Production


Atlantis was a dinner theatre event with circus, burlesque and live music that took place from January to February 2014. The event ran every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for three weeks for a total of nine events. Every Friday and Saturday event was extremely sold out with lineups out the door, and the Sunday events were comfortably full.


Point A: The venue, FanClub, needed unique programming for the Dine Out Festival that would increase their food sales and generate profit.


  • Budget creation and management
  • Sourcing and managing the team who would build out the event including: theatre, circus, music and burlesque directors
  • Operations contact for the venue
  • Marketing plan creation and execution
  • Media buying
  • Sponsorship acquisition (hair & makeup, costumes, liquor)
  • Branding, graphic design (including ads, posters, tickets)
  • Creation of unique concepts such as a liquor dispensing jellyfish and passports where guests were given a new identity to play along with the story if they chose to.
  • Set up of festival headquarters


  • Liaising between the performers and the venue
  • Assisting with intake of guests


  • Financial reconciliation
  • Post-mortem meetings, notes, and reports
  • Sponsorship case files

Point B: A 63% increase in sales from the January prior during the same festival on the same dates.

  • FanClub
  • January 2014
  • talent buying
  • team management
  • project management
  • branding
  • marketing