Concord Seawall Challenge

The Concord Seawall Challenge was formed in 2013 as an annual, amazing-race style event with prizes totalling over $13,000. The event is an activation that is a part of the Celebration of Lights produced by brand.LIVE. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 The Beacon Collective was contracted as the producer of the event. We also had the opportunity to design event assets, hire event staffing, and take event photos.

Point A: The event had taken place in 2013, but the team of people who handled the event left no legacy files or assets so we essentially were starting from scratch. The client, Concord Pacific, knew they wanted a family-friendly event with 12-16 challenges, social media integration and at least 20 teams of 4 people signed up to participate.


  • Used BaseCamp project management software to plan and set deadlines and assign tasks for a number of trigger activities
  • Worked with Actors Unlimited and the client to determine exactly what each challenge would entail
  • Sourced all assets for use in building out the challenges
  • Managed the budget
  • Met regularly with the client, ensured everyone knew what was happening at all times
  • Built detailed course maps and challenge info sheets to paint a clear picture, for the client and all staff, as to what was going to happen
  • Wrote registration liability and likeness waiver to have reviewed by the legal team
  • Hired and managed team members to assist in the execution of the event, including runners and registration workers


  • Instructed all staff on volunteers of their roles and responsibilities
  • Distributed and managed all assets
  • Checked all stations for readiness
  • Ensured the client’s brand was visible throughout the challenges and especially at the finish line


  • Post-mortem meetings and notes
  • Finalized and reconciled the budget
  • Distributed and backed up legacy files

Point B: 24 teams participated in the challenge. Over $13,000 in prizing was distributed. The brand achieved their goal of building and supporting community.


  • Brand Live
  • July 26, 2014
  • Event planning
  • project management
  • graphic design
  • communications
  • marketing consulting
  • photography
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