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Ferrari Maserati Activation at Luxury & Supercar Weekend

2015-09-12 11.05.13

The Luxury and Supercar Weekend hosts some of the world’s most iconic automobile brands, showcasing each in its own custom designed activation.

Point A:  Ferrari Maserati wanted its brand to stand out amongst its numerous competitors at the Luxury and Supercar Weekend in Vancouver, BC.

Point B: To ensure that the Ferrari Maserati brand was prominent and presented according to the company’s vision, we assessed the company’s needs and wants and provided the following:

  • a creative direction for the project
  • sound budget management
  • a clear, effective schedule of operations
  • décor design and staging
  • sourcing of all assets
  • custom signage
  • supply management
  • labour sourcing and management
  • liaison between the Luxury & Supercar Weekend and Ferrari Maserati

  • Breand Live
  • September 2015
  • Creative Direction
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Decor Design
  • Asset Sourcing
  • Supply Management
  • Labour Management
  • Client Liaison
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