Ferve Tickets Proposal

Ferve Tickets is an Australian company with ten years of experience in implementing customized ticketing systems to deliver problem-free festival experiences to both staff and attendees.

Pitch Package

Point A: Ferve Tickets wanted a pitch package to assist in securing a contract as the supplier for the Melbourne International comedy festival. The package needed to present Ferve’s brand and demonstrate its professionalism and its capacity to meet all contract requirements.

Point B: In addition to building the pitch package, since Ferve did not have an existing branding style, to create a look and feel that would suit their logo and be of value moving forward, we:

  • created design elements that complemented the Ferve logo to be used in any Ferve assets
  • created design and lay out of the document
  • created image treatments

Sample Pages from the 60 Page Document

  • Ferve Tickets
  • May 2017
  • graphic design mutli-page document layout