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M&M Wedding

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M&M’s wedding was staged in Stanley Park and was fully customized to appeal to guests of all ages.

Point A: The happy couple wanted to plan a wedding in Vancouver, despite residing in NYC. Their priority was the comfort and satisfaction of their guests, particularly their extended families.

Point B: To ensure that this intimate, singular event matched the vision of the couple, we provided the following custom assets and services:

  • creating and implementing the game theme
  • decorating the event
  • hiring local suppliers and on-site management
  • acquiring all assets
  • creating and managing the budget
  • hiring, scheduling, and managing of labour
  • original design of website and related materials

Seating chart design for wedding
  • M&M
  • September 2015
  • Theme and Concept Design
  • Asset Acquisition
  • Site Management
  • Budget Management
  • Labour Management and Scheduling
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Decor