Why Animation Matters

By bringing visuals to life, animation can simplify complex information, energize presentations and campaigns, and tell stories in a compelling, memorable and sharable way. It’s a format that is at once engaging and informative, and it provides a platform to showcase the personality of your product and/or organization.

One of the most extensive and comprehensive tools for messaging, animation brings together a team of creatives skilled in writing, sound, illustration, film, and design.

Our Process

In order to meet your specific and unique needs for any type and size of project, we implement the following steps:

  1. A discovery process by which we identify your goals, desired outcomes, and target audience; evaluate your existing brand and assets; and identify and research your competitors
  2. A work plan that defines the timeline and roll out for your project
  3. Script writing based on either content that you provide or content that our copywriters generate from scratch to meet your needs and specifications, for your review and sign off
  4. Provision of a style guide outlining and defining the look and feel of the animation, including fonts, colours, and illustration style, for your review and sign off
  5. Storyboarding, beginning in pencil and then progressing to digital, for your review and sign off
  6. Animatic stage in which a rough voice over is matched with a moving storyboard (static frames in sequence) to ensure continuity and desired effect, for your review and sign off
  7. Animation to make the illustrations fully move as per the final product (without voice over or sound), for your review and sign off
  8. Addition of a professional voice over and sound effects
  9. Sign off on the finalized animation and transfer of your assets in the most appropriate medium/format

Our Experience

Over the past few years, our team has animated projects ranging in length from 10 seconds to five minutes, and worked with clients in both the non-profit and governmental sectors. Our sound and illustration personnel include established musicians and artists of diverse backgrounds and genres.


To price competitively for what you need, we always begin with thorough consultation so that we can present a clear and detailed cost estimate. It should be noted that animations containing character design will require a higher budget than more simplified motion graphics due to the time it takes to rig each character and create their movement cycles.