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Community Outreach

Why Community Outreach Matters

A great product, service, or message is fundamental to success; equally so are the means by which it is delivered. When it’s time for you to engage the public, a well structured, creative, and efficiently managed plan is essential. However, with so many moving parts involved and a host of other concerns and obligations, not all organizations have the bandwidth to take on the challenges of planning and outreach, which is where designated project planning and management come in to relieve stress and ensure that your project rolls out error free.

Our Process

To fully address your needs and ensure that every aspect of your project roll-out performs, we implement the following process:

  1. A comprehensive discovery through which we gather and evaluate information about your organization, project requirements, and goals
  2. Creation of a work plan outlining a detailed timeline and all deliverables for your feedback and sign off
  3. Execution of the work plan
  4. A detailed final report documenting the roll-out, reporting on the challenges to and success of the  campaign, and following up on any particular engagement strategies (e.g. contests, social media postings, etc.)

Our Experience

We have worked with a number of public and private organizations in campaigns that target sizeable and diverse audiences, delivering messaging through creative, personalized means that include street teams, guerrilla marketing, PR, visual assets, and social media integrated interactive components. In our planning and partnership with other organizations on events, we have rolled out projects of various sizes, with audiences ranging from 200 to 250,000 people.


When it comes to community outreach every project is unique. That’s why we tailor our pricing to your needs. To price competitively, we always begin with thorough consultation so that we can present a clear and detailed cost estimate.