Copywriting & Copyediting

Why Copy Matters

Clean, effective, and style-appropriate copy is essential to communicating both your identity and product to prospective audiences. Written well, it engages and informs, building a relationship between you and your reader. It at once piques curiosity about your services and assures your audience that you are trusted experts in your field. Written poorly, it’s an uneasy feeling that something isn’t quite right and a missed opportunity to connect.

Our Process

To fully address your copywriting needs and ensure that every aspect of your copy performs, we implement the following process:

  1. A comprehensive discovery process through which we gather and evaluate information about your organization, requirements, and goals
  2. Subject matter and competitor research, when applicable
  3. Initial development of writing style and voice for your feedback and approval
  4. A first draft of all content
  5. Three rounds of edits to fine tune the writing to meet your expectations

Our Experience

We work with a diverse client base, including commercial enterprises, artists, non-profit organizations, education, health and environment institutions, and governmental bodies. This experience allows us to work with any copy required–from the informal to highly advanced, technical information–and to craft the tone and voice most appropriate to engaging your target audience.

If you need copy from scratch, want to build out existing content, or simply polish text, it’s what we do. Projects we have worked on include, but are not limited to, corporate presentations, websites, public facing reports, internal documents and communications, sponsorship decks and promotional materials, advertising/branding copy, project proposals, and publicity campaigns.


We believe that every writing project is unique, so we tailor our pricing to your needs. That said, for most projects we quote a flat rate and hourly rate with a detailed breakdown of the costs, and you can choose what works best for you.

Recent Copywriting Projects