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Graphic Design

Why Graphic Design Matters

Graphic design is much more than just aesthetics. Certainly, strong graphic design presents your services beautifully. But it’s also a language that, when “spoken” well, communicates large amounts of information efficiently, comprehensively, and elegantly. It can also enhance your reputation, foster trust, and build your customer base. From logos to branding to promotional and informative materials to websites, each element of graphic design converses with your audience, ensuring that each individual, regardless of their background and experience, can intuitively understand what you are offering and how to use it.

Our Process

In order to meet your specific and unique design needs for any type and size of project, we implement the following steps:

  1. A discovery process by which we identify your goals, desired outcomes, and target audience; evaluate your existing brand and assets; and identify and research your competitors
  2. A work plan that defines the timeline and roll out for your project
  3. Selection of the most appropriate asset to define the look and feel for your project (e.g. a poster, business card, etc.) and development of 2-3 options for your review and feedback
  4. Identification of a design with which you are happy and creation of all of your assets in that style
  5. Sign off on the finalized design and transfer of your assets in the most appropriate medium/format

Our Experience

Our lead designer has nearly 20 years experience in graphic design and has a diverse portfolio that includes clients in the fields of commerce/retail, public health and population, education, environment, non-profits, arts and culture, and various levels of government.


Prices can be negotiated at an hourly rate ($70 CAD/hour) or a flat rate and are determined through careful consultation. Due to our experience in handling projects of a wide range of size and cost, we can deliver accurate assessments of the amount of time required for your project. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll present a clear and detailed cost estimate.