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Why Illustration Matters

Illustration adds originality and emotion to a project or campaign, adding texture to visual elements and conveying information in ways that are not available in photography. It’s a means of telling your story, engaging audiences in unexpected ways and differentiating your organization from your competitors.

Our Process

In order to meet your specific and unique illustration needs for any type and size of project, we implement the following steps:

  1. A discovery process by which we identify your goals, desired outcomes, and target audience; evaluate your existing brand and assets; and identify and research your competitors
  2. A work plan that defines the timeline and roll out for your project
  3. Some style inspiration for you to review and provide feedback on
  4. A rough pencil sketch for content approval
  5. Development of an illustration in the style you have selected; your sign off
  6. Creation of additional illustrations, as required
  7. Sign off on the finalized illustration(s) and transfer of your assets in the most appropriate medium/format

Our Experience

Our team of illustrators comprises individuals with upwards of 20 years experience, strong academic qualifications, and diverse experience that informs their perspectives on both illustrative techniques and the tastes and interests of broad audiences.


Prices can be negotiated at an hourly rate ($70 CAD/hour) or a flat rate and are determined through careful consultation. Due to our experience in handling projects of a wide range of size and cost, we can deliver accurate assessments of the amount of time required for your project. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll present a clear and detailed cost estimate.