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Photography & Video

Why Photography and Video Matter

Photos and video are effective in providing your audience realistic images that help them to better understand your messaging. Both mediums capture life in motion and can become major visual components in the organization and communication of information. Innovative photography and video can also pique interest and establish strong differentiation in your market. In addition, if you communications strategy includes a website, a publicity campaign and social media, having original photos and video can: improve your organic search results, increase the likelihood of garnering press, and improve visibility on various platforms.

Our Process

In order to meet your specific and unique design needs for any type and size of project, we implement the following steps:

  1. A discovery process by which we identify your goals, desired outcomes, and target audience; evaluate your existing brand and assets; and identify and research your competitors
  2. A work plan that defines the timeline and roll out for your project
  3. Sketches of content, for your review and sign off (unless it is live event photography/videography
  4. Selection of the most appropriate photos/video for editing
  5. Sign off on the finalized content and transfer of your assets in the most appropriate medium/format

Our Experience

We draw from a selection of talented photographers and videographers whose professional experience ranges from 3-20 years in arts and culture projects, television, documentary films, and commercial shoots.


To price competitively for what you need, we always begin with thorough consultation so that we can present a clear and detailed cost estimate. In addition, it is often easier to start with your budget and work backwards from there due to the huge range of production options that may be required or of interest to you.

Recent Photography and Video Projects