Web Design

Why Web Design Matters

No matter how well-positioned your website is, if it doesn’t present content in a visually appealing and functional manner, it’s likely that the site is not reaching, engaging, or serving your audiences as effectively as it should. Building a website that not only has a great look and feel but actually works for your client base requires a strong understanding of content strategy, design, and functionality specific to the intended user.

Our Process

To fully address your web design needs and ensure that every aspect of your website performs, we implement the following process:

  1. A comprehensive discovery through which we gather and evaluate information about your organization, requirements, and goals in order to determine your needs
  2. Provision of a detailed contract and quote that specifies exactly what we will provide you, in order to ensure that we deliver exactly what you require
  3. A site map that outlines all the pages that will be on the website and how they will connect to one another
  4. A mock up of one of the pages (e.g. the home page) for your feedback by which we will define the look and feel for your website
  5. Website construction, including access to a ‘dev site’ on our server so that you can watch us build your site and for testing of the site
  6. Launch of the website once you are happy with your site

Our Experience

Our design and coding team is not only highly experienced in the technical aspects of web design (7-18 years on the job), but the team members also draw from their experience in business, marketing, and project development, offering a well-rounded knowledge of our clients’ challenges, needs, and goals.


Prices can be negotiated at an hourly rate ($70 CAD/hour) or a flat rate and are determined through careful consultation. Due to our experience in handling projects of a wide range of size and cost, we can deliver accurate assessments of the amount of time required for your project. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll present a clear and detailed cost estimate.