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Three Great WordPress Plugins Everyone Should Know About

By Posted in - Knowledge Base on December 5th, 2013 0 Comments

As a site designer, it is my job to not only best represent your business visually, but to make it function. In primarily designing for clients who wish to frequently update their own content, I often choose WordPress. It’s a low-cost solution for people ready and willing to get their hands a little dirty in site management. With a plugin for practically everything, there is very little custom programming required for most sites, which makes maintenance easy for the client.
The following are a few of the WordPress plugins I install on practically every site I build. Geared for everything from safety to social media integration, these plugins help to take the stress and work out of running and maintaining your WordPress site, ultimately reducing the time you spend behind your computer and allowing you more time to communicate with the public!

1. WordPress File Monitor:

Being hacked is the worst, especially if you don’t know what’s going on or how to fix it. Typically, WordPress sites are hacked when they their themes and plugins are not regularly updated, so updating is key! Most hacks are based on a simple change to the code, but it can take a lot of reading, time, and money to fix a hack. On a regular basis, WordPress File Monitor monitors your system, identifying what has been changed or added. At first, all the error messages may be a bit daunting, but once you become familiar with what should and shouldn’t change, it’s the easiest way for you (or your designer/developer) to access the log and back track to quickly and effectively fix problems.

2. The WordPress Video Plugin:

This is a no brainer for sites hosting extensive digital/media content. It enables you to embed content in your pages and posts without having to actually host the content, making for a much faster load/run time on your site! For people who don’t like to mess around with embed codes, this plugin is a MUST HAVE!

3. Contact Form 7:

I know there is debate about using a contact form, but if you are going to use one, this is the simplest I’ve ever found. It’s easy to customize fields (especially if you’re the slightest bit HTML savvy) and it pops right into any page or post! It can also be designed to operate within it’s own “settings” section too (between tags), which makes it an easy fix for those who know a little about CSS!

These are just a small sample of the many plugins I use to help streamline sites and keep them secure and manageable for clients over the long term. For those who are less tech savvy, WordPress sites are far more user friendly than most platforms, and the vast array of plugins makes it easy to run all the functions necessary to making your business an online success.

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