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How We Can Help You

We make books for people who believe that what they are saying and doing will make a positive impact on the world. Each of us is focused on supporting, facilitating, and enhancing the message of these individuals and organizations, and we are committed to both written and visual communication that drives wellbeing and gains real traction in the marketplace of ideas.

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Brows By Liz

I am beyond impressed with The Beacon Design Collective and look forward to continuing our work together.

Owner, Brows by Liz

Apotheka Herbal Boutique

You seriously rock! I hope you are so proud of the work you do. You have made this journey so amazing for me!


Concord Pacific

I have had the pleasure of working with Dani... Her versatile skill set (project management, graphic design), creativity and positive attitude make her a strong asset to the team. I would definitely recommend Dani for future projects.

Tom Yim
Manager of Marketing and Community Relations

City of Vancouver

The Beacon Collective consistently delivers great quality work with excellent project management. They are an agency that takes the time to understand where you are coming from and what your objectives are. Their team is made of consummate professionals who can be relied upon, whether it is for graphic design, video work, and even public outreach teams as part of broader communication strategies.

Amanda McCuaig
Corporate Communications


It has been a long road coming and you all have created, designed, and edited, so many resources for CWA that are invaluable! The full CWA family and the political team is thankful for the professionalism you all have exerted, for the care you all have shown, and for the dedication to producing OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!!!

Communications Workers of America

Guilt & Co.

Consistent leadership abilities, an unwavering commitment to task, a very personable way with others, a remarkable knack for creative thinking and problem-solving, and a keen attention to detail.

Owner at Guilt & Co.