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Animation Portfolio
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City of Vancouver

Anti-litter campaign: animation 1

The City of Vancouver‘s anti-litter campaign focused on cutting down on the amount of waste from single-use items, such as disposable cups, plastic and paper shopping bags, foam cups and containers, and take-out containers. This is the first of three animations we created as YouTube advertisements/public service announcements for the project.

Carbon Engineering

Bathtub animations

Carbon Engineering was founded in 2009 with the mission to develop and commercialize affordable and industrially scalable air-capture technology. Today, it is engineering the largest Direct Air Capture plant in the world.

To help communicate the fact that simply reducing emissions is not enough to stop climate change, we made a series of three short animations that can be played via a PowerPoint presentation hosted by Carbon Engineering’s CEO.

City of

The Future Of Transportation: video 01

We worked closely with the City of Vancouver and Transport Canada to create this series of animations, titled The Future Of Transportation. This is the first of three assets to help prepare engineering employees, workers, and other citizens of Vancouver for potential changes in transportation.

Skills and
Education Group

Skills and Education Group animation

Skills and Education Group offers high-quality services, support, and representation in the UK education and skills sector. This 60-second motion-graphics style animation, was created to describe the function and highlight the successes of the group and its foundation.

 With only four weeks to complete the animation so that it could be used at a conference opening, we scripted, designed, and animated this asset on a tight deadline.

City of

Northeast False Creek Revitalization

City of Vancouver’s Northeast False Creek Revitalization project aimed to set the long-term vision for the last remaining piece of large, undeveloped land in the downtown area along False Creek. We created this three-minute animation and video (mixed-medium) for use in encouraging the public to participate in discussions about the future of the neighbourhood. Ultimately, due to changes to City planning and direction, this video was not released to the public.