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Guidelines for Providing Content
  /  Guidelines for Providing Content

At The Beacon Design Collective Inc., we ask that our clients submit all the content relevant to their project before the onset of design. Submitting at the project onset means: 

  • We, your design team, know exactly the scope of work required to complete the project, so we can schedule the team accordingly and ensure the project is completed by the deadline. Late content submissions mean our timeline gets pushed back, meaning your project may end up delayed.
  • The will not have to be reworked to make additional or different content fit. The design should be tailored to the content… not the other way around. 
  • You can relax knowing that you have provided us with everything we need to get the project done. We know it isn’t fun tracking down and finalizing content at the last minute.


What we need from you

For a typical multipage document, we’ll need the following:

  • Word or Google Docs containing your research and/or text content
  • High res photos and/or illustrations, if you have them
  • A point person with whom to communicate regarding the project
  • Any requests, requirements, and/or specific guidelines for the direction of the project (for example, some clients have a brand guide and copy style guide that we should design and edit to, while others don’t have a brand and therefore may wish to provide some inspiration graphics to use as a jumping off point).

As part of our on-boarding process, we’ll work through a discovery process to ensure that we have everything we need in order to complete your project efficiently and to your complete satisfaction. 


How to submit content

Depending on the size of the project, we have different processes that we draw from to efficiently collect content. 

For small projects of 10 pages or less, you can submit content via email to

  • We suggest tasking one of your team members with the task of gathering and submitting the content all at once. This “content dump” helps to streamline the process and keep us organized. If there are multiple email threads from multiple client contacts, it’s easy for content to get “lost in the crowd”. 


For larger, ongoing work with a variety of deliverables (such as campaigns) we prefer to use a Graphic Design Coordination Sheet.

  • This is a document our team puts together during the onboarding process for campaigns. It is a live Google Spreadsheet that contains all the pertinent information about the asset (or assets) to be designed. You can submit content by linking relevant documents in the corresponding column. Examples of columns that you may find on your Graphic Design Coordination Sheet are picture below. 


For big, multipage documents and books we prefer to use a Content Tracker Sheet.

  • This document is a more robust version of a table of contents that breaks the book into sections and allows us to work on the structure of the book together, and track progress of the book design and editing by sections.