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Keys To Streamlining The Design Process
  /  Keys To Streamlining The Design Process

In a perfect world, all projects would be completed ahead of schedule.

Although that’s not always possible, we do have some advice to help your project move forward as smoothly as possible.


Read through onboarding documents carefully.

Our onboarding documents include all there is to know about a project, including the scope of work,
timeline, and estimated cost. 
It’s important that you understand exactly what is included in our agreement
so that we don’t run into any hiccups midway through a project.  


Submit content to your design team on time.

Delays in content submissions will (almost always) result in delivery delays throughout the whole project.
If you’d like an extra week to get the content to us, you must be prepared to see an adjustment in the final
delivery date(s). 


Provide all feedback in one place.

Providing all the feedback on the latest draft of each deliverable on time and in one place will help to keep
everything organized. Keeping everything together will ensure nothing slips by our design team. We often
ask that edits are submitted via comments on the latest PDF submission.  


Make sure your team is on the same page.

If your team isn’t on the same page with the project, we can run into issues with unclear priorities or
conflicting directions. To ensure that we’re making best use of our time (and your money), it’s important that
we both have a clear understanding of what the vision for your project is.