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Frontline Election Defenders

Joy To The Polls Toolkit; Campaign and Funding Need Booklet

The Frontline is a twelve month campaign anchored by Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project and Working Families Party which collectively reaches thousands of organizations and millions of individuals. The campaign seeks to contribute to a safe and fair election; defeat Trump and deal a blow to the continued threat of anti-democratic fascism; and make the movement the protagonist in a wave of progressive governance. The Frontline’s campaign included Joy to The Polls, which is a non-partisan initiative to bring music and artistry to entertain people waiting in epic lines to vote.

We worked with The Frontline to create multiple assets for their campaign, including the Joy to The Polls toolkit, Campaign and Funding Need booklet, and an Election Defenders one-pager.

Working Families Party

Organizing Model (Google Slides); Voter Swag; Ladder Of Engagement; State Power-building Plan (Google Slides)

Working Families Party is a progressive, grassroots political third party building a multiracial movement of working people to transform America. Since 2019, we’ve worked with them to create a variety of learning materials, including infographics, Google Slides, and PowerPoint presentations.

Two of our most recent projects are the Ladder Of Engagement, an infographic complete with custom silhouette illustrations of supporters, activists, party builders, and party organizers, and the State Power Building Plan presentations, for which we created 12 state-specific Google Slide presentations to be used during state information sessions to help people learn about the WFP and their presence in the state.

Vancouver Fraser Port

Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project; Land Use Plan 2020

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is the federal agency responsible for the stewardship of the lands and waters that make up the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest port.

We have worked with the port to create a number of public-facing and internal assets, including multiple discussion guides, questionnaires to aid in public engagement initiatives, and the 2020 Land Use Plan.

Carbon Engineering

Pitch Deck; Various Other Projects

Carbon Engineering is a Canadian-based clean energy company. Its Direct Air Capture technology captures carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere at a large scale so that it can be permanently stored deep underground or used to produce ultra-low-carbon synthetic fuels.

We have worked closely with Carbon Engineering for a number of years, creating a broad range of assets, including booklets, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

City of Vancouver

Active Transportation Annual Report; Zero Waste 2040 Strategy; Single-Use Item Strategy; One Water Infographic; public service advertising campaigns

Representing more than 600,000 constituents, the City of Vancouver administers a vast array of services and operations, with the mission to “create a great city of communities that cares about our people, our environment, and our opportunities to live, work, and prosper.”

We have worked closely with City communications staff and planners from varied departments to edit and design several environmental reports that will guide Vancouver into a sustainable, healthy, and environmentally sound future.

Advantage Hope

Trails Master Plan; Various Signage

AdvantageHOPE is Hope B.C.’s economic development and tourism agency, which, as a community initiative, is reliant on the support of the community for its success.

We worked with AdvantageHOPE to create multiple assets for the community of Hope, including signage for the historic Kettle Valley Railway route through the town, Coquihalla River Community Park signage, and the 2019 Trails Master Plan, a comprehensive multi-page document for use by land managers who are seeking concise, detailed, and organized information about potential recreation projects in the region.

Doctors Without
Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada

Strategic Plan 2020; Strategic Plan 2017; Various Other Projects

MSF is an independent humanitarian medical relief organization that provides medical care to “people affected by war, civil strife, epidemics, natural disasters and social marginalization”.

We have had the pleasure of designing many documents of varying lengths and styles for MSF, ensuring brand coherence, user-friendly layout, and eye-catching presentation in order to maximize communication.

Hope Mountain
Centre for Outdoor Learning

Hudson’s Bay Company Trail Book

The Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning is a charitable organization located in Hope, B.C. that works to strengthen people’s connection with and stewardship of nature.

We were contracted to write and design an 80-page human interest resource for the historic HBC Trail. To describe this trail, which was crucial to the development of British Columbia, Canada, the book presents facts, illustrations, and imaginative stories in a user-friendly and memorable design.

Communications Workers of
America (CWA)

Tier 1 Political Activist Training Materials

With a membership of more than 700,000 workers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, the CWA represents individuals from a range of industries, including telecommunications and IT, media, education, health care, law enforcement, and manufacturing.

We provided content strategy, editing, and design for all of the training materials for political activists, include two books totalling 900 pages, and four PowerPoint presentations.


Pitch Deck

Designing a wide range of greenhouse and agricultural products, HydroHaus is a forward-thinking company that has evolved the traditional greenhouse in order to improve efficiency and increase profits in agriculture. Its goal is to nurture nature through products that conserve resources while expanding growing potential world wide.

We wrote, edited, and designed HydroHaus’s pitch deck for use in selling their greenhouse technology and acquiring investor interest and support.

Wet Ape

Cinco de Mayo Sponsorship Deck; Unbuckled Promotional Copy

Wet Ape is an event promotion company with the mission to “enrich people’s lives through the creation of event experiences that inspire, excite and continually challenge what is possible.”

In addition to writing and designing its sponsorship deck, we developed branding and original copy used across these events on posters, flyers, drink tickets, signage, and more.

Brows By Liz

2019 Training Manual

Liz Lugo, a highly sought-after esthetician in Southern California, was launching a training program for eyebrow waxing and facial hair removal.

We created a training manual with custom graphics and clear, succinct language to ensure that the instruction is accessible, memorable, and functional. Working with Liz’s brand, we enhanced the manual with unique style elements that seamlessly correspond with Liz’s contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic.

Ferve Tickets

Melbourne International Comedy
Festival Pitch Package

Ferve has been working with high profile events and festivals across Australia for 15 years, growing audiences by providing an easy-to-use, smart, and reliable ticketing experience.

We designed a 120-page pitch deck that Ferve could send to prospective festival partners. The company had a logo but no brand guidelines, so, drawing on elements from the logo, we evolved branding for use in the pitch deck design and layout.

Hall Pass

Sponsorship Deck for Event Series

Promoting the best of new indie music, Hall Pass staged live music series with the goal of offering concertgoers sustainable, accessible events while paying musicians real, fair, living wages.

We developed a look and feel, compelling and concise copy, and a number of assets to promote the concert series. The deck was instrumental to securing sponsorship for events, with additional copy provided to promote the first event in the series.