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Our Process
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Our Process

Step No.



You contact The Beacon Design Collective about a project. We set a meeting to discuss your project. You show us your content and tell us about your vision. We provide you with an estimate/quote.*

*A quote is a fixed price for the project based on a full evaluation of all of your content and requests. An estimate is a ballpark price based on your initial project description.

It's like going out for pizza...

You come to the pizza shop, sit down at a table, and look at the menu. Your server explains the menu, including prices, ingredients, etc.

Step No.



If you wish to go ahead with us, you review and sign the contract and proposal (which includes a detailed work plan outlining how we will reach our collective goals). This locks in our services.

You pay a deposit.

You place your order...

You place your order and it is sent to the kitchen.

Step No.



We issue a discovery survey to find out the best approach to take to your project; your design and writing preferences; and your communication goals.

Make your preferences clear...

You and your server discuss any concerns, needs, or wants you might have for your dining experience.

Step No.



We review or create writing and visual style guides to ensure consistency. You sign off on, or request edits to, the style guide(s).

Wine tasting...

The waiter uncorks the wine you’ve brought from home, or you order a bottle of house wine. You taste the wine and approve, or ask for a different bottle.

Step No.



We begin editing and designing your book, meeting weekly targets and providing weekly reports. You provide any contracted deliverables.

Waiter gives you an update...

The meal is being prepared and the waiter checks in from time to time to let you know how it’s progressing.

Step No.



We provide the first draft of the document. You review the document carefully and request any edits.

Your pizza arrives...

The meal is brought to your table. You inspect it and let us know if you need any ground pepper, parmesan, chilis, etc.

Step No.



We implement your editing requests*, completing draft 02 of the document.

You review draft 02 carefully and request any final edits*.

*We include two rounds of standard editing at no extra cost; substantive edits beyond this may incur an additional cost.

You order another topping...

You inspect your pizza and the waiter brings what you ask for from a list of complimentary items (parmesan cheese, pepper, chillies, oil, etc.). If you ask to replace existing toppings with completely different toppings, you may be charged for the chef to re-top the pizza. Similarly, if you want a completely different pizza, you will be charged for the resources required to make a new one.

Step No.



We complete the final draft.

Any additional edits past this point are billed hourly and at our discretion/availability.

We provide the final print document and a smaller web version of the PDF.

Time to pay your bill!

Your pizza is on your table, exactly as you have requested. You eat it, and your meal is over!

If you want a new or different meal, or dishes you didn’t order, then you’ll be charged for that according to the menu.

We’ve put your leftovers in a takeout container. The restaurant is now closing.