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Our office in the mountains:

19798 Silverhope Road,

Hope, BC, Canada

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City of Vancouver

Zero Waste Campaign

Representing more than 600,000 constituents, the City of Vancouver administers a vast array of services and operations, with the mission to “create a great city of communities that cares about our people, our environment, and our opportunities to live, work, and prosper.”

We have worked closely with City communications staff and planners from various departments to edit and design several public service advertising campaigns, including the Zero Waste Campaign to foster environmental sustainability through eliminating waste.

We worked on all the assets for a pop-up engagement at City Lab on Cambie and Broadway, including a massive vinyl window installation; iconography; engagement tools such as commitment cards, event signage, comment cards; and more. We also worked on a pilot program to encourage workers to bring their own take-out containers to local restaurants to reduce food waste.