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Our office in the mountains:

19798 Silverhope Road,

Hope, BC, Canada

V0X 1L2


Guilt & Co.

Guilt & Co. Branding, Wine Bottles, Bus Ad, and Instagram Ad

A live-music venue and bar in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown district, Guilt & Co. caters to eclectic patrons seeking fine food, wine, and entertainment.

We created brand elements to complement the existing brand and to market the bar in Vancouver’s highly competitive, always evolving hospitality and entertainment sector. The limited-budget campaign that we conceived and designed for back to school featured five letters that could be descrambled to create a secret password which would allow those who solved it to skip the line at the bar and get a free drink for them and two friends. The letters were “hidden” on different marketing pieces that could be found on Instagram, the bar’s sandwich board, their website event listing, a poster, and a bus ad. Each clue was accompanied by a tracking link so we were able to see how many people accessed each link looking for a clue.