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Carlie Russelle

Carlie Russelle

The Beacon Design Collective Inc’s senior illustrator, Carlie, is a creative problem solver who turns ideas and intentions into imagery that matters. An illustrator by trade, a designer at heart, and a photographer when needed, Carlie is a visually multifaceted team member who thrives in working with diverse concepts in order to develop an image that best communicates an idea in the most visually pleasing and communicative way.

Since beginning working in illustration and design in 2011, Carlie has partnered with several organizations and worked in the fields of surface design, editorial illustration, branding & identity, children’s illustration, layout design, and product photography. Every aspect of Carlie’s work displays her values of creativity, open-mindedness, forward thinking, and honesty, and contributes to meaningful and relevant visual communication.  

Carlie holds a Certificate of Art Fundamentals and a Bachelor of Illustration (Honours) (Sheridan College).