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Dani Vachon

Wearing two distinct (and fashionable) hats, Dani, our company leader, combines extensive knowledge of organizational systems, technical expertise, and creativity. As managing director, she leads the firm in business development, project management, and company operations. As creative director, she provides hands-on design and illustration expertise to guide our design team.

Informed by an appreciation for creativity and nature, and driven by the values of awareness and respect, Dani believes that effective communication can save the world. By working with organizations who strive to improve the world, Dani has positioned our company to use our communications expertise to refine and enhance the message and success of each of our clients.

Years of work experience as an event planner in the music business and for corporate events (2001-2017); designing for concerts, musicians and music venues (2001-2016); and in operating The Beacon Design Collective Inc (2012-the present), have built Dani’s practical organizational, creative, and business skills.

Her educational experience includes teaching Advanced Music Business (awarded Best Class), Graphic Design at Vancouver Film School and studying Fine Arts (Langara College), Internet Graphic Design (Vancouver Career College), and Social Media Marketing (Jelly Marketing).


Art Director