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Linny Malin

As an illustrator, designer, and brand developer, Linny uses art to support small businesses in their communications goals, enact positive social change, and bring awareness to sustainability and conscious living. She approaches each project by first taking the time to deeply understand the client’s impact along with the change they seek, and loves finding unconventional approaches that will give important causes the platform to achieve the attention they deserve.

Originally from the UK and now living in the Pacific Northwest, Linny brings to the Beacon team a passion for volunteerism, animal welfare, social equality, sustainability, and rehabilitation. She’s also fully onboard with snacks, wildflowers, hikes, port, the planet, jokes, picnics, accents, and stories. Guns, long journeys in tight spaces, wet socks, and litterbugs? Not so much.

Linny holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design and Illustration from The University of the West of England and a Certificate in Electronic Media Design from Langara College.

Illustrator, Graphic Designer