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Project management software is near and dear to our hearts. We use Teamwork in (and out of) our office. Since we began using it two years ago, we’ve seen some great improvements in our day-to-day workflow, and continue to find helpful features each day. This post could easily go on forever if we tried to cover all of Teamwork’s benefits, but we’ll keep it short for you. Here are four reasons we’re head-over-heels in love with our project management software:

No more manually updating work plans

Before we had a project management platform, we used to manually create work plans and update them each week with the things we’d accomplished. From there, we’d send out a checklist to each client to ensure they knew the status of their project. This took time and was often missing information. With Teamwork, tasks can be checked off as they’re finished, so clients and our team can see progress in real time!


Because our focus is on book design, we often have projects that closely mimic each other (in the sense of project rollout). Taking advantage of project and task list templates, allows us to quickly build the framework for project managing new assignments. 

Client access

Teamwork allows us to share entire projects with our clients directly, meaning they have access to a live work plan 24/7. We love knowing that our clients can easily stay up to date on all that’s happening with a project or task.


Communication has been streamlined. Now, we can have relevant discussions in comment threads beneath specific tasks, keeping everything in one place. For us, this eliminates a lot of the tedious work we used to face (like spending time amalgamating edit requests from clients, all submitted by different people in different email threads).

Want to try for yourself? Check out Teamwork now.