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How We Can Help You

We make books for people who believe that what they are saying and doing will make a positive impact on the world. Each of us is focused on supporting, facilitating, and enhancing the message of these individuals and organizations, and we are committed to both written and visual communication that drives wellbeing and gains real traction in the marketplace of ideas.

Why Graphic Design Matters

Graphic design is much more than just aesthetics. Certainly, strong graphic design presents your services beautifully. But it’s also a language that, when “spoken” well, communicates large amounts of information efficiently, comprehensively, and elegantly. It can also enhance your reputation, foster trust, and build your customer base. Each element of graphic design converses with your audience, ensuring that each individual, regardless of their background and experience, can intuitively understand what you are offering and how to use it.









Our Values


No one wants to embark with snarky, morose, or disinterested fellow passengers. The Beacon Collective is genuinely excited about our work and the opportunity to build a relationship with you and your organization.


In the midst of your project, finding yourself awash in a sea of email, voicemail, and vague conversation is neither comforting nor efficient. The Beacon Collective emphasizes clear, accurate, and honest communication and delivers in the modes most appropriate to the project and preferred by you and your team.


Finding and keeping a true bearing in your project is essential. As such, The Beacon Collective ensures punctuality, accessibility, clear communication, and the ability to meet deadlines.


We love what we do. The Beacon Collective genuinely wants you to succeed, so we invest our energy and pride into each project: we know how much your ideas and goals mean to you, and each project is personal for us.


The Beacon Collective recognizes that your project is important! This means that we don’t put anybody we work with on the back burner. Regardless of the size of your project, you have our full attention.