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Beacon High Five to InTex!

By: Dani Vachon    //    Posted on: 30-06-2023

Beacon High Five Badge is a symbol of our appreciation for organizations in the sustainability and social justice sectors for their exceptional work toward building a better future. Follow us to learn about the organizations that have earned the Beacon High Five Badge.

Innovative Business Practices and Economic Models in the Textile Value Chain (InTex) is a three-year UNEP project funded by the European Union (EU). The project helps companies develop innovative business practices and economic models in the textile value chain.

An image showing the logo of InTex being awarded the Beacon High Five Badge. Beacon High Five to InTex is an appreciation of its excellent work.

The project has five components. Two components have global reach and three components will focus on national implementation in three countries in Africa where textiles is a key economic sector and where companies are part of multinational value chains.

Key objectives of the InTex project:

  • Increase among SMEs and governments the knowledge of resource efficiency, life cycle thinking, circularity, and eco-innovation in the textile value chain
  • Train textiles stakeholders on eco-innovation and product environmental footprint (PEF)
  • Accompany textiles businesses to transform their approach and business models to increase sustainability and circularity in the textile value chain
  • Increase access to environmental and lifecycle data so that textiles businesses and policymakers can make better-informed decisions and implement relevant strategies

Africa Collect Textiles is one of the first Kenyan start-ups to participate in the InTex project. InTex provides knowledge-building, technical assistance, and data analysis for these companies.

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