Beacon High Five to Modern Synthesis!

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Beacon High Five to Modern Synthesis!

by | Jul 30, 2023 | Beacon Stories

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Beacon High Five to Modern Synthesis!

By: Dani Vachon    //    Posted on: 30-07-2023

This month’s Beacon High Five, a badge of honour for companies committed to sustainability and social justice, goes to Modern Synthesis!

Beacon High Five Badge is a symbol of our appreciation for organizations in the sustainability and social justice sectors for their exceptional work toward building a better future. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn about the organizations that receive the Beacon High Five Badge every month.

Modern Synthesis is a London-based biomaterial company crafting the next generation of biomaterials for the fashion industry. They came up with an entirely new class of natural materials to displace animal-and-fossil-fuel-derived alternatives.

The logo of Modern Synthesis accompanied by the Beacon Design Collective high-five logo, which is awarded to organizations that make a difference.

Modern Synthesis uses microbes to convert waste into microbial textiles. It could be used as a replacement for synthetic fabrics.

Modern Synthesis materials are naturally biodegradable, circular, and customizable. It enables the product to meet fashion industry requirements across sustainability and desirability.

The company hopes its biomaterials will soon find broader applications across the fashion industry, helping it overcome its sustainability crisis.

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