Seven Organizations Fighting for Children’s Rights

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Seven Organizations Fighting for Children’s Rights

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Advocacy

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Seven Organizations Fighting for Children’s Rights

By: Dani Vachon    //    Posted on: 16-06-2023

Children’s rights, the cornerstone of a just and equitable society, are sadly too often neglected, leaving countless young lives in turmoil. Necessities such as education, healthcare, and safety from violence, elude many children worldwide.

In 2019, one in six children was living in extreme poverty. It puts children at greater risk of domestic violence, child labour, sexual exploitation, teenage pregnancy, and child marriage.

A glimmer of hope is that many organizations are striving to secure a brighter future for every child. While well-known organizations like the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNICEF play a prominent role, there are several remarkable institutions that work tirelessly to combat child labour.

In this blog, I will talk about these leading organizations that have made significant strides in advocating child rights. From grassroots initiatives to global entities, these organizations champion the cause through advocacy, policy reform, and direct support.

01. Save the Children

Save the Children was the first global movement for children, declaring that children have rights. Their programs prioritize education, healthcare, and livelihood support to empower children and families, ensuring they have access to better opportunities. Save the Children work in over 100 countries, doing whatever it takes to give children a healthy start in life.

You can support their mission by donating, sponsoring a child, or volunteering. Learn more about how to help children in need through Save the Children.

02. Anti-Slavery International

Founded in 1839, Anti-Slavery International is the oldest human rights organization in the world.  Their mission is to work to end slavery so that everyone can live free from exploitation. They fight against modern slavery and child labour through research, advocacy, and campaigns.

Anti-Slavery International provides several ways for individuals to support their mission in the fight against slavery and child labour. Visit their website for more detailed information on how you can support their work and make a difference in the fight against slavery and child labour.

03. International Justice Mission (IJM)

IJM is a global organization dedicated to ending slavery and violence against the poor. The organization partners with local authorities in 17 countries to combat trafficking and slavery, violence against women and children and police abuse of power. They collaborate with local authorities to rescue victims, provide aftercare support, and hold perpetrators accountable.

IJM-supported operations have had a major impact on preventing forced labour trafficking globally. As of 2021, they have rescued 564 victims, restored 194 survivors, and helped authorities arrest 293 suspects. You can donate your time and talent to IJM in several ways, including advocating, volunteering and fundraising with them.

04. GoodWeave International

Founded in 1994 by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kailash Satyarthi, GoodWeave International is working to stop child labour in global supply chains. GoodWeave started its work in the rug industry and later expanded it into home textiles, apparel, fashion jewelry and bricks. GoodWeave has rescued over 9700 children and provided educational opportunities to more than 46180 children.

They certify child-labour-free products, conduct inspections, educate rescued children, and raise awareness among consumers and businesses about responsible sourcing. Do you know that discovering the Goodweave symbol on your rug and home textiles is truly good news? When you see the Goodweave symbol, it signifies that the product you have chosen is produced without the involvement of child labour. Learn more about contributing to protecting child rights through GoodWeave International.

05. Love 146

Love146 is an inspiring organization on a mission to end child trafficking and exploitation. Through their dedicated efforts, they work to prevent the trafficking of vulnerable children and provide them with the support and care they need.
Love146 also focuses on survivor care, offering comprehensive services to help survivors of trafficking heal and rebuild their lives. You can find out more about getting involved and volunteer teams here.

06. Plan International

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advocates children’s rights. Plan International enables children to prepare for and respond to crises and adversity. The organization is now active in over 80 countries, working with children, young people, supporters and partners.

Find out how you can help them.

07. The ECLT Foundation

The ECLT Foundation focuses on addressing child labour in the tobacco-growing sector. Their mission is to promote and protect children’s rights and create a world free from child labour in agriculture. The organization supports local communities by providing access to education, improving livelihoods, and raising awareness about child labour.

More than 20000 children were removed or kept away from child labour due to the foundation’s efforts. Read about the impact they make in the lives of children here.

A group of children are lying on grass in a circle and smiling.

Final thoughts

The fight against child labour requires a collective effort, and these leading organizations are at the forefront of this battle.

Through their unwavering dedication, these organizations have saved countless children from exploitation, provided them with opportunities for education and a better future, and advocated for policy changes to eliminate child labour.

To support their critical work, consider donating to or volunteering with these organizations.

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