Do I Need to Hire a Creative Agency in 2023?

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Do I Need to Hire a Creative Agency in 2023?

by | May 10, 2023 | Branding Insights

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Do I Need to Hire a Creative Agency in 2023?

By: Dani Vachon // Posted on: 10-05-2023

Do you need to hire a creative agency for your company or organization? The answer to this question begins with a few other questions.

  • Do you need to look legitimate and be taken seriously?
  • Do you need to attract more investors, donors, or customers?
  • Are you tired of asking for investments but being refused because your brand doesn’t look like it can compete in the global marketplace?
  • Are your communications assets out of sync with the talent and potential of your technical team

If you want your audience to see your value and legitimacy at a glance, you must have effective visual design.

Organizations, especially in sectors such as sustainability and social justice, need to create a differentiated and intentional brand that speaks to their audience, so they can capture their attention, gain their support … and inspire them to open their wallets. A values-aligned creative agency does exactly that.

A creative studio can level up your legitimacy and help you get more buy-in. In this blog, we cover additional benefits of working with a creative studio or agency.

01. Create a brand strategy to talk to the right audience

With its team of professionals, a creative/design studio will work with you to identify the psychographic profile of your target audience. They can run a competitive analysis, develop a unique selling proposition, and create a differentiating brand identity that resonates with your ideal customer.

This is an intensive, research- and strategy-driven process that results in a brand that supports your goals, be it attracting talent and investors or taking your product to market.

A group of creative agency professionals are discussing design concepts.

And to gain valuable insights into successful branding, join us for an exclusive Brand Strategy Workshop with Dani Vachon, a veteran designer and the founder of The Beacon Design Collective Inc., serving clients including Oxfam Canada, Working Families Party, and the Métis Nation of Alberta.

Even a brand refresh can be fast-tracked by working with a creative agency. Are you interested in knowing how an agency can help you with that? Check out our case study of the rebrand we did for Mountain Kids Outfitters.

02. Help customers know what you do and why you do it

It’s a fact that, done right, visuals can convey complex information in a simple, appealing way. A well-designed website, marketing collateral, or packaging can significantly affect how customers perceive your business. It can be the difference between a document or website that leaves people confused vs. a document or website that inspires a customer to take action. Your brand can use several materials to clearly and thoroughly explain what you do, including:

  • Websites
  • Interactive PDFs including, reports, white papers, training materials, guidebooks, and user manuals
  • Infographics
  • Social media graphics
  • Animated explainer videos

A creative agency, with its team of experts, can help your business create these materials effortlessly, making it easier for you to communicate with your customers.

Agencies often employ:

Strategists – Strategists work with your content or messaging to rearrange it into a more logical order, code it for usability, introduce navigational features as needed, and ensure the work is geared to the right audience.

Writers – Writers rework technical language into a framework structured for the layman, ensuring accessibility. They will also check for spelling and grammar, and adhere to any copy style guides.

Designers – Graphic designers will determine if any of the words can be replaced or enhanced with photos or iconography. They will arrange the content on the page in a way that supports a hierarchy for understanding, adheres to the brand guidelines, and is accessible to a wide audience.

Illustrators – Illustrators create custom illustrations that improve brand alignment and make content easier to understand.Project managers – Project managers ensure that the work gets done on time and on budget. They are your point-person at the agency.

03. Benefit from partnering with an experienced team

Design agencies can provide valuable insights and recommendations specific to your industry, from designing impactful annual reports to creating effective fundraising campaigns. Creative agencies have a team of communications experts who have worked with different brands in their sector of expertise. Hiring such an experienced team gives you access to professionals who can create visually compelling and impressive communications materials.

Sector-aligned agencies will also have a deep understanding of the latest trends that are unique to your industry. These agencies have a proven track record of working with similar organizations and thoroughly understand your industry’s values and needs. They will ensure that your communications materials are based on best practices and recent trends, and are more likely to be effective. They will also help you differentiate your organization from competitors and create a lasting impression with potential donors and investors.

Furthermore, by working with an agency with veteran strategists and designers, your materials will look slick, polished, and professional. They can bring their expertise to your design projects, creating something unique and creative to capture your audience’s attention.

04. Save your time and resources​

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a creative marketing agency can be cost-effective. They have the resources and tools to create effective campaigns that yield results. If you cannot afford an in-house creative team, it is best to hire an agency to get your work done efficiently and to spec.

Considering the time and money needed for an in-house production team, hiring an agency can save you money in the long run, as you will save on hiring and training. For instance, you may not have a permanent need for an in-house team. You may be looking for help with a particular campaign. In such cases, partnering with a creative design studio will guarantee high-quality graphics on par with your brand reputation. You can always negotiate a fixed cost or monthly retainer with the agency, which can help you manage your expenses.

Final thoughts

Working with an agency may seem ambitious, and you may feel it is only for larger companies, but it’s actually a smart investment for sustainability and social justice organizations.

There is never one specific time to set strategic branding in motion. Every business needs a good brand, and they need it all the time.

Hiring a creative design agency that specializes in branding and strategy, visual language, and communications can help you reduce your workload and allow you to focus on your core business activities. A strong creative studio will ensure all your marketing collateral is consistent with your brand’s values and messaging, and this consistency will build customer trust and credibility, and create a memorable brand identity.

And, just as important, working with an agency lets you concentrate on what you do best and leave the rest to the experts!

If you are looking for a design partner, let’s chat! The Beacon Design Collective provides creative design solutions to companies in the social justice and sustainability sectors. We’re happy to discuss how we can help you bring your vision to life.

If you’re looking for assistance with your own creative process or seeking visual solutions for your projects, we can help!