Beacon wins Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA)

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Beacon wins Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA)

by | May 8, 2023 | Beacon Spotlight

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Beacon wins Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA)

By: Dani Vachon // Posted on: 08-05-2023

Beacon Design Collective has received the international award of excellence from WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Awards) for exemplary design and concept in the category of identity with custom typefaces. The award recognizes Beacon’s outstanding work in redesigning the logo for Mountain Kids Outfitters.

The logo of Mountain Kids Outfitters before redesign. This old logo features the word kids very prominently, and uses colours that look dated and are not eye-catching.
The logo of Mountain Kids Outfitters after redesign. The new logo features a rugged, bold and playful custom typeface. It also incorporates the shape of mountains.

The WOLDA Award is a prestigious honour that recognizes exceptional design work from around the world. Beacon is thrilled to have received this recognition.

The story behind the rebrand

Mountain Kids Outfitters, a specialty outdoor store for kids and youth in Whistler, wanted to reinforce its core values and fortify its connection with its customers with a brand refresh. Beacon rebranded them, including a comprehensive brand strategy, to accelerate their growth in the local market, regionally, and across Canada.

A child wearing a Mountain Kids Outfitters’ helmet.

Here is a quick rundown of the strategic process that went into the rebrand:

  • We began our work with a competitive analysis to learn the ins and outs of the market. We tried to understand what makes our client different from the competitors.
  • We held a brand workshop with the owners to uncover more about their goals, values, and products.
  • We didn’t ignore their precious customers—adventurous, enthusiastic kids! We held a focus group with the target market, kids aged 4-13, to get deeper insights into elements that appeal to them and design that attracts them. And it was fun!

A child wearing a green Mountain Kids Outfitters jacket is getting ready to ride her bike.
A smiling child, dressed in a helmet, goggles, and a cozy jacket from Mountain Kids Outfitters, is playing in the snow.

All these strategy sessions made it easy for our creative team to give Mountain Kids Outfitters a new visual identity that resonates with its target audience. We integrated the unbound imagination and the adventurous spirit of its most-valued customers into the new design and positioned Mountain Kids Outfitters as a recognizable, relatable outdoor brand.

If you’re curious about the creative process behind this successful rebranding, check out our case study on How Beacon created an exciting brand for Mountain Kids Outfitters that builds recognition and trust.

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