Oxfam Canada.


Oxfam Canada.

Oxfam is a global organization working to end the injustices of poverty and inequality, with a focus on women’s rights. Described as a global movement for change, Oxfam is network that empowers individuals, communities, and organizations to build a future free from poverty and in which the rights of women and girls are promoted and respected.

Oxfam Canada is campaigning to use consumer pressure to persuade Canada’s top five fashion brands to disclose the names and locations of their factories and to commit to paying the workers there a fair, living wage.

When Oxfam came to us, the campaign they were running wasn’t working.

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increase in ad performance within
30 days

Stuff companies say doesn’t fit.

Stuff companies say doesn’t fit image first
Stuff companies say doesn’t fit image second
Stuff companies Graphic
Stuff companies Graphic Respond
Stuff companies Graphic Report
Stuff companies Graphic Full Image

Let’s get to the bottom of the stuff
companies say.

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The payoff.

Initial numbers from the Stuff She Makes campaign show that it has performed 235% better than its predecessors resulting in an increase in signed petitions and donations in kind.


Our solutions.

Beacon strategized three different concepts, and worked with Oxfam to create a suite of graphics that would catch the eye of their target audience: fashion lovers.

We used bright colours, well-dressed models, and cheeky copy to speak to fashion lovers.

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