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Moon Jaguar Strategies.

Based in California and led by Sayra Pinto, PhD, MFA, Moon Jaguar Strategies uses tools and processes developed over 30 years of practice, research, and theory-building to support organizations in developing strategies and cultural practices for a just and sustainable future.

It operates in national and international settings that include the following sectors: philanthropy, mainstream and grassroots non-profits, public education, higher education, criminal justice, public health, and government.

Moon Jaguar Strategies is supported by a network of social and organizational change practitioners in philanthropy, higher education, tribal, international, and BIPOC communities. Its approach is rooted in Indigenous philosophies and governance practices , and integrates critical race theory, feminism, organizational and leadership theory, and Global Southern movement theory, with particular attention to Latin American social movements

Moon Jaguar Strategies approached us to create a brand that would communicate its values to its target audience with authenticity and integrity, using visual language that adheres to its key.

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Our solutions.

This client is all about helping people get back to their roots and ancestral knowledge; accordingly, our branding for Moon Jaguar’s branding is California-inspired, based on the location of the organization’s founding. We incorporated brown and beige earthy tones into the colour palette, and paired these with ocean blue and grey and black, which are also drawn from coastal scenery.

We chose sans serif fonts, bold and light, for clear and powerful communication. Freehand shapes and bold short lines, representing human connection and structure, along with hand-drawn icons, give the brand a human and organic tone, while the primary imagery shows empowered communities and nature, with a soft tan-coloured treatment.

The secondary imagery consists of ocean waves used as background images for collage layouts and representing communities in balance with nature and the fluidity that is life.


The payoff.

Moon Jaguar’s website has drawn significantly increased attention, translating into real growth in revenues. User engagement, interaction, and experience has vastly improved.

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Clients and community members express that they love the website and brand. Many people read up the material as a way of doing their due diligence before approaching Moon Jaguar Strategies. Others simply learn from the content. In the end, these are the benefits I’ve seen from it: 1) clients show up better prepared to introductory meetings and that frees me up from having to explain the basics; 2) client identification is easier as a result because mostly aligned folks approach us for work and collaboration; and 3) the experience of a beautiful website when communicating cultural knowledge makes people have a sense of dignity.

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Moon Jaguar Strategies
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