Kinship Heals.


Kinship Heals.

Kinship Heals, The Northeast Native Network of Healing and Kinship,is a Native-run nonprofit domestic violence program. It was founded to end domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sex trafficking in Native communities by supporting and increasing the capacity for tribal communities to heal from, respond to, and prevent violence, using methods that are deeply rooted in culture and traditions that have existed since prior to colonization.

Kinship Heals is working to create spaces where tribal people and communities can be safe and heal from abuse. This includes creating physical space; collaborations with tribal and state governments, and Native and non-Native organizations; forming regional coalitions; and the creation of coordinated responses to address systemic issues and cultural gaps in services.

When Kinship Heals came to us, they were operating without a logo, website, or brand guidelines,and they were seeking a brand identity that would authentically and empathetically represent $2.5their people, values, and culture.

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Our solutions.

To create a cohesive and values-aligned brand identity and corresponding assets, we opted for a dusty, warm colour palette inspired by nature. We also created hand-drawn icons and shapes, along with custom illustrations, to round out the warm and welcoming brand.

Our copywriter/strategist interviewed each member of the organization to ensure we understood their vision and would create meaningful content for the new website. After this careful consultation, he was honoured with the responsibility of developing the Wampanoag creation story and the story of the executive director’s personal journey, both instrumental to the founding of Kinship Heals, and to the organization’s new brand and website.


The payoff.

In only two months, Kinship Heals was able to secure $2.5 million dollars in funding from nonprofit foundations and a network of more than a hundred individual donors.

And the organization continues to grow, with plans to break ground on a permanent, physical location for a centralized food pantry, a domestic violence shelter, and a ceremonial site for members of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah).

kinship Business Card
kinship Business Card
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