Black Fly Environmental.


Black Fly Environmental.

Black Fly Environmental, an innovative and forward-thinking environmental consulting company providing high-quality environmental services and technical expertise, wanted its brand to stand out and its reach to expand beyond its existing market.

With an exciting opportunity in play, Black Fly wanted to ensure that its proposal for services wowed the prospective client. Starting with this asset, they wanted a brand refresh, content strategy, and copy editing to ensure a robust, resonant, and crystal-clear proposal. Subsequently,they wanted their website and other assets (i.e. resumes, business cards, letterhead, etc.) to meet the same high standards for communication and engagement, and to ensure brand cohesion.

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Our solutions.

Starting with a website, we:

  • Refreshed Black Fly’s brand by redefining its visual language. We held a discovery with the client, developed mood boards for inspiration, and then designed stationery and a home page mockup in the new visual language and tested it with their audience.
  • Wrote and edited copy to ensure accuracy, thoroughness, and accessibility
  • Strategized content for flow and clarity, and created a site map to demonstrate the structure and content of the site
  • Designed the remaining website pages to convey Black Fly’s professionalism and forward-thinking approach to consulting

We then applied this work to Black Fly’s other assets, including designing and editing a proposal as per the updated brand, and restructuring and rewriting resumes for all employees.


The payoff.

Our brand refresh, strategy, and copy support ensured that Black Fly presented a cohesive brand across all its public-facing assets, and provided Black Fly with a template from which to develop additional content. The rebranded and restructured proposal won Black Fly a contract in anew and highly sought after jurisdiction, and set a standard of excellence for future proposals. Overall, Black Fly’s brand effectively captures the innovative, youthful, and values-based spirit of the company, distinguishing it from more traditional, staid competitors.

Black Fly Business Card
Black Fly Business Card
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